How to use the Wemo® App with your Holmes® Smart Heater

With your Wemo App, you can control your Holmes® Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C047 and Holmes® Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C048 from anywhere.  
  • Status Display – shows the Holmes Smart Heater’s settings such as the current temperature setting, Pre-Heat setting, Frost Protect or Eco setting, and Auto-Off countdown.
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  • Pre-Heat Settings – This setting will configure the Holmes Smart Heater's level to High, Low, or Eco.  When the High setting is enabled, the light indicator on the Holmes Smart Heater's Control Panel will display HIGH.  On the other hand, when the Low setting is enabled, it will display LOW instead.
QUICK TIP:  Setting the Holmes Smart Heater to High will enable it to run on full wattage, while setting it to Low enables it to run on half wattage only.
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  • Eco-Smart™ – Provides energy savings by cycling the Holmes Smart Heater for 10 minutes on High and 20 minutes on Low temperatures.  To activate this feature, tap Eco in the Pre-Heat settings option.
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When the Eco setting is enabled, you will see Eco in the display under your Holmes Smart Heater’s name in the Wemo App.  Also, the Eco User-added image icon will light up on the its Control Panel.
  • Setting the Thermostat – Your Holmes Smart Heater is equipped with a digital thermostat that allows you to set it to a precise comfort level (60 °F-85 °F).  Scroll either left or right to activate the digital thermostat mode.  If you’re operating the Holmes Smart Heater using its Control Panel, press the up or down button to activate it, instead.
  • Frost Protect – A mode where the Holmes Smart Heater is set with a 40 °F thermostat, and g of High.  When the ambient temperature in your room drops below 40 °F, the heating element and fan will turn ON.  It will then run on High setting until the 40 °F temperature is reached.  You can enable the Frost Protect mode by pressing the Power User-added image button briefly.
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When the Frost Protect mode is enabled, you will see Frost Protect in the display under your Holmes Smart Heater’s name in the Wemo App.  Also, the Frost Protect User-added image light will light up on its Control Panel.
NOTE:  In order to use your Holmes Smart Heater with your smart device, it must be powered ON, as well as the ENABLE WEMO User-added image button at the physical unit.  If you don’t want the heating element to run continuously when controlled remotely, select Frost Protect which is the lowest setting.
  • Power – To turn OFF the Holmes Smart Heater using the Wemo App, hold the Power User-added image button for 3 seconds.
QUICK TIP:  To turn OFF the Holmes Smart Heater manually, press the Power User-added image button at its Control Panel.  A cool down period of 60 seconds will then begin before completely turning OFF.
IMPORTANT:  Once the Holmes Smart Heater is OFF, it can only be turned ON via the Power User-added image button on the front of the physical unit and NOT the Wemo App.

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