How to set a daily schedule for the Holmes® Smart Heater with Wemo®

This article will guide you on how to set a daily schedule for the Holmes® Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C047 and Holmes® Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C048.
NOTE:  There is no option to create a daily schedule for the Homes Smart Heater.  The Start and End time is for Monday through Sunday.

Step 1:  Open the Wemo App.

Step 2:  Tap the down arrow on the heater.

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Step 3:  Tap on Daily Schedule to select a Start and End schedule you want for your heater.
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Step 4:  Select the Heat and Thermostat settings you want for the times you  specified.
  • Heat Settings - High, Low, or Eco
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  •  Thermostat - You can select a thermostat value between 60 ˚F to 85 ˚F.
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Step 5:  Tap Save to save your settings.

NOTE: The schedule for your heater does not exceed 24 hours.  At the end of the daily schedule run, the heater will default to Frost Protect
Your daily heat schedule is now activated. 

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