How to operate your Holmes® Smart Heaters with Wemo® without a smart device

Your Holmes® Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®F7C047 and Holmes® Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C048 can function even without a smart device. 
NOTE:  The Holmes Smart Heaters are for floor use only.  Do not use the Holmes Smart Heaters with other high wattage appliances in the same outlet to avoid overloading the circuit.  To know the Holmes Smart Heaters’ specifications and features, click

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  • HEAT  – Press this button to change the heat settings of your heater to HIGH, LOW, or ECO.  The heat setting light indicator will display the heat setting on the Control Panel as HIGH, LOW, or the ECO User-added image icon. 
  • THERMOSTAT Buttons – Press either the up or down arrow to set the temperature.  To know how to configure the Holmes Smart Heater’s thermostat, click here.
  • AUTO-OFF – Press this button to schedule the heater to turn OFF for 2, 4, 8, 12, or 24 hours to maintain the preset temperature.  When enabled, you will see AUTO-OFF on the light display of the heater.  It will remain illuminated throughout the AUTO-OFF cycle.  At the end of its cycle, the heater will turn OFF. \
  • RESTORE  – Resets the heater to factory default.  To learn how to reset the Holmes Smart Heater manually, click here.
  • ENABLE WEMO  – Enables the Wi-Fi functionality of the Holmes Smart Heater.  When ON, the WEMO User-added image icon and the Wi-Fi signal User-added image icon will light up.
  • Power  – Press this button to manually turn OFF or ON the heater.  When ON, the red light above it will light up.
NOTE:  To prevent the unit from cycling, you need to change the THERMOSTAT setting. 
Follow the steps below to configure your Holmes Smart Heater:

Step 1:  Plug the heater into a 120 V AC electrical outlet. 

Step 2:  Press the Power User-added image button on the Control Panel.
The heater will then run at a HIGH setting.  You may now configure heater’s HEAT, THERMOSTAT, and AUTO-OFF settings. 
NOTE:  The Holmes Smart Heater, F7C048 on the HIGH setting runs at full wattage (1000 W), while on LOW setting it runs at half wattage (500 W).  On the other hand, the Holmes Smart Heater, F7C047 on HIGH setting runs at full wattage (1500 W), while on LOW setting it runs at 1000 W.

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