How to enable and disable the Wemo® App features on the Holmes® Smart Heater

By default, the Wemo® App support for your Holmes® Extra-Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®F7C047 and Holmes® Large Room Smart Heater with Wemo®, F7C048 is not automatically enabled.  Follow the steps below to know how to enable the wireless radio on the the Holmes Smart Heater for the Wemo App.

Enabling Wemo

Step 1:  Press the User-added image button.  The green indicator light above the button, as well as the Wi-Fi User-added image indicator light will turn ON.  Once the heater is connected to the Wemo App you would be able to manage and operate the device wirelessly and remotely via the app.

Disabling Wemo

Step 1:  Press the ENABLE WEMO button.  The indicator light above the button will turn OFF indicating that the Wemo feature is not active. 
QUICK TIP:  The Holmes Smart Heater can still be operated directly from the Control Panel even if the Wemo App is disabled.  In case of a router outage, any preprogrammed schedules will still function.

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