How to replace the filter of your Holmes® Smart Humidifier with Wemo®, F7C046

Replacing the filter of your Holmes® Smart Humidifier with Wemo®, F7C046 is necessary when the life of the wick filter has expired.  If your filters are damaged or unusable, you will need to insert the new filters, run the unit for 4 hours and then clean the tray. This will ensure that all water is removed from the tray before cleaning the unit.  You will also be alerted by the Wemo App when the filter is at the end of its useful life.

Perform the standard maintenance procedure below when replacing the filters:


Removing the filters

IMPORTANT:  There are two filters in this unit, one in the front and one in the rear.  Both can be removed by opening the front and rear filter doors.  If the drying process above was not followed, the wicks will be wet so take precaution to protect your surfaces from excess water that may drip from the filter.

Step 1:  To remove the filters, depress the two filter door tabs.  Pull the door outward, and then remove the filter door assembly by pulling in an upward motion.

Step 2:  The filter door can be carried to the trash to dispose the filter.   Make sure the filter is pulled out from under the clips and off of the support pins on the filter door.

Replacing the filters

Step 1:  Take the filters and place on the filter doors first, by placing under the clips on the filter door, and then pressing the filter down gently to the support pins on the door.  Be sure that the black carbon side of the filter is pointing towards the filter door.

Step 2:  To replace the filter door once the filter is installed, slide the door to the bottom of the unit tray and be sure to place the filter over the lip of the tray, so that the filter is inside of the lip of the tray and the door is outside of the lip of the tray.  Be sure that the filter door closes and fits properly into the unit.  If the door will not close, it is not placed in correctly.

Resetting the filter life reminder

Your filters are required to be replaced approximately every 6 weeks.  Both the Wemo App and the unit will have indicators to remind you when it is time to replace the filters.  Upon replacement, you will need to reset the filter life reminder.

Step 1:  Open the Wemo App then tap the drop-down arrow on the Holmes Smart Humidifier.

Step 2:  Tap Wick Filter Life tile and and a window will open that will allow you to select RESET.

Alternatively, you can reset the filter life reminder on the Control Panel of the humidifier.  Ensure that the unit is powered ON then press and hold both the Humidity Setting button and the Fan Speed button for 5 seconds. The filter change reminder on the unit and the Wemo App will then reset.

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