Wemo® Maker™, F7C043 System Parts and LEDs

The Wemo® Maker™, F7C043 allows you to control low voltage devices such as blinds, sprinklers, irrigation system, pool pump, powered gates and etc. from anywhere.  It is a device that brings Wemo internet connectivity and gives control to the do it yourself (DIY)-minded consumers. 

WARNING:  Basic circuitry knowledge is required to use this product.  Make sure you know what to do and the expected results from connecting devices to the Wemo Maker.
Below are the different system parts and lights of your Wemo Maker with their corresponding functions/meanings:

User-added image
User-added image

NOTE:  Relay and Sensor contacts use screw terminals to secure wires into contacts.
 Part/LightLight ColorDescription
flexible antenna
-Flexible to accommodate placement in tight, angled or oblique spaces
B/CWemo Status LightGreen/OrangeWemo Status indicator light
DRelay ON/OFF buttonGreenTurns the Relay contacts ON/OFF (before troubleshooting make sure that the Relay light (K) is OFF)
GRelay ON/OFF button same function as DGreenTurns the Relay contacts ON/OFF (before troubleshooting make sure that the Relay light (K) is OFF)
ERestore button-Restore to factory defaults
FWall Mounting holes--
HSensor contacts--
IRelay contacts--
JMicro USB portGreen-
KRelay lightGreen
Relay Contacts Closed
NOTE:  When handling the Wemo Maker during troubleshooting, make sure that the Relay light is turned OFF.  To turn OFF press the Relay ON/OFF button.
LPower indicatorGreen

ON - Wemo Maker is turned ON.

OFF - Wemo Maker is turned OFF.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure this light is OFF when connecting any devices to the Relay/Sensor contacts. 
LED behavior
Green:  Power Indication (5 V DC)
Green:  Relay Contacts Closed (Front and Rear for setup, and mounted)
Orange:  Wi-Fi (Wemo Logo)
Green:  Wi-Fi (Wemo Logo)
Push buttonMomentary Switch:  Software Restore
Momentary Switch:  GPIO to PIC to drive Relay contacts closed.  (Front and Rear for setup, and mounted)

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