What devices can be connected to the Wemo® Maker™, F7C043?

The Wemo® Maker™, F7C043 allows you to control low voltage devices from anywhere.  It is a device that brings Wemo internet connectivity and gives control to the do it yourself (DIY)-minded consumers via the Wemo App.  Below are some of the low voltage devices that you can connect to the Wemo Maker:
WARNING:  This device is a potential electrical shock hazard.  Basic circuitry knowledge is required to use this product.  Make sure you know what to do and the expected results from connecting devices to the Wemo Maker.

User-added imageResearch robotics 
 Garage doors
User-added imageBlinds
 Irrigation systems
User-added imageSprinklers
 Pool pumps
 User-added imageMotors
 Powered gates
 User-added imagePet doors and etc.
IMPORTANT:  You may connect relay leads, sensor leads or both to your Wemo Maker as long as it follows the specifications below:
  • Do NOT connect any Relay connections with voltage higher than:
  • 24 V at 1 ampere max
  • Do NOT connect any Sensor connections with voltage higher than:
  • 5 DC at 100 mA max

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