Meet the Wemo® LED Lighting Starter Set, F5Z0489

The Wemo® LED Lighting Starter Set, F5Z0489 is a bundled set of two Wemo Smart LED Bulbs, F7C033 and a Wemo Link, F7C031 plug-in hub that allows you to control, schedule and dim your wireless lighting from anywhere using the Wemo App.  Simply replace your existing regular bulbs with the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs included in the kit.
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Kit Components

Features and Benefits
Product Requirements
Electrical Rating
Product Specifications
System Specifications

Kit Components
  • Two Wemo Smart LED Bulbs with the following features and specifications:  
    • ​​​​60W Equivalent
    • Incandescent 
    • Brightness 800 Lumens
    • Light appearance/color temperature of 3000 K
    • ENERGY STAR®-compliant
    • Energy used:  9.5W
    • Bayonet type:  B22d-2
    • Home Automation 1.2-certified
    • Wemo Smart LED Bulbs connect to Wi-Fi using the Wemo Link
    • If the Wemo Link is disconnected or removed from the power outlet, the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs continue to work as a standard light bulb.
    • Once a Wemo Smart LED Bulb is paired, it will no longer be detected during a scan.  In order to pair a Wemo Smart LED Bulb again, you will need to reset it.
    • If a Wemo Smart LED Bulb is unpaired, it will work as a regular light bulb.
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  • One Wemo Link with the following features and specifications:
    • One Software restore push button
    • One AC plug (region specific)
    • One indicator light to indicate power and Wi-Fi status
    • Two internal 2.4 GHz antennas
    • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio communicates with Wi-Fi
    • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    • One Spatial stream
    • Home Automation radio communicates with the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs(HA1.2) Wi-Fi
    • Wi-Fi® Security – WEP, WPA™, WPA2™
    • Up to 50 Wemo Smart LED Bulbs per Wemo Link
    • Up to eight Wemo Smart LED Bulbs can be detected at one time per scan

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Features and Benefits
  • Turn lights ON, OFF or dim individually or as a group using the Wemo App
  • Create custom schedules and control for your Wemo Smart LED Bulbs individually or as a group
  • Have your smart light bulbs turn ON at sunset or have them turn OFF at sunrise by creating rules
  • Simulated Occupancy feature turns your lights ON and OFF automatically making it look like you’re home – even when you’re not.  
  • Wemo Smart LED Bulbs can gradually dim, so you can fall asleep in a more natural way
  • The Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set works with your existing home Wi-Fi and mobile internet (3G / 4G) – 802.11n 2.4 GHz (Wemo Link)
  • Modular system.  You can add additional Wemo Smart LED Bulbs easily, any time
  • Intuitive, easy set up and easy to use
  • Works with IFTTT®, connecting you to a whole world of web apps
  • Wemo works on multiple smart devices simultaneously
  • Wemo Smart LED Bulbs have a 23-year life expectancy
  • Bright, warm light similar to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Home Automation 1.2 (Wemo Smart LED Bulbs & Wemo Link)

Product Requirements  

Electrical Rating
Wemo Smart LED Bulb:  120V~ / 60 Hz / 10W
Wemo Link:  120V~ / 50 mA / 60 Hz


Product Specifications
Form FactorA19
Connector TypeEdison Screw E26
Input Power120V options or Max 120V~ / 16A / 60 Hz / 1800W
Beam Angle> 240°
Output Temperature3000 K
Output Brightness> 800 Lumens (60W Incandescent Equivalent)
Dimmable< 5 % total brightness (via ZigBee control only)
Efficacy> 50 Lumens / Watts
Life25,000 hours L70
CommunicationsZigBee running HA 1.2 supporting “Dimmable Light” clusters.  Tested to 50 devices, capable of potentially 500
No. of Power OutletsOne

System Specifications
There are two Wi-Fi radios in the Wemo Link:
  • The Home Automation that maintains a Wi-Fi connection to the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs
  • The standard 2.4 GHz radio that connects to the Wi-Fi in your home
Therefore, the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs and the Wemo Link maintain their own connection, similar to an ad hoc mode.
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