Creating the Away Mode Rule

Away Mode turns your Wemo® devices ON and OFF to give the appearance that you're at home when you're away.  With Away Mode, your device will randomly turn ON for at least 30 minutes before it turns OFF.
This article will guide you in creating an Away Mode Rule for your Wemo devices.

NOTE:  The Wemo app images may vary depending on your device (iOS or Android™) and the version of the Wemo app.
Step 1:  Launch the Wemo app.

Step 2:  Tap Rules.
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Step 3:  Select Away Mode.
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Step 4:  Select the Wemo device you want to turn ON or OFF in Away Mode.  The selected Wemo device is identified with a check mark.  In the example below, Wemo Plug is used.
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Step 5:  Under When, tap on either Time or the Sunrise/Sunset icon to set the time for the rule.
By Time

Select the Clock icon to set a specific time.

By Sunrise/Sunset

Select the Sun icon to use your location's sunrise and sunset to set the time for the rule.  To detect the sunrise and sunset in your area, you will be prompted to enable Location Services.

When using the Sunrise/Sunset option, you can activate the rule at sunrise or sunset or at a preset time before or after the sunrise or sunset in your area.

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Step 6:  Tap Done.

Step 7:  
You can enter your preferred name for the rule then tap Save.  You can tap on Rules to view the rule you have just set up.
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Editing a Rule 

There are several ways to edit the rule you have set up.  You can tap Rules to do the following changes:
  • Edit a rule - select a rule and tap Edit to change the time for the rule.  Tap Done once you are satisfied with the new setting.  You can also change the day or days when you want the rule to apply and then tap Done
  • Disable a rule - select a rule and tap Disable Disabling a rule does not delete the settings for the rule.  Tap Enable to activate the rule back at any time.  
NOTE:  Turning OFF a Wemo device while the Away Mode is in place disables the rule for the rest of the day. 
  • Delete a rule - select a rule and tap Delete Rule.

NOTE:  If you have set up two Wemo 3-Way Light Switches, WLS0403 on the same circuit to manage the same light and both of the Light Switches appear in the Wemo app, choose only one of the Light Switches to avoid rule conflicts.

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