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Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe
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Our legacy is built on connection. Bringing great products together multiplies what’s possible. Being powered up means staying connected when you don’t want to miss out on life. Be ready for the opportunities of today - BoostCharge brings power to you when you need it. Wherever you are and wherever you’re going.

MagSafe & Magnetic Accessories FAQ

They are just two different ways to charge your phone. One is wireless and one is wired. 

You can use any accessory that's made for MagSafe or MagSafe compatible. Visit our MagSafe and Magnetic Collections. 

Yes, chargers that are made for MagSafe and are MagSafe compatible are safe for iPhone 12, 13 and 14 users.

Neither magnetic charging nor wireless chargers are particularly bad for batteries. A battery slowly wears as it is charged or discharged over time. Leaving devices always charging can be harmful to their batteries. It's recommended to unplug the device once it is charged. 

Typically, wireless charging is a bit slower but still safe and efficient. 

Wireless phone chargers work through Qi technology. 


It's easy. Just place your Qi-compatible device on a wireless charger to begin charging instantly.