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What can I use with my Wemo® Switch + Motion, F5Z0340?

This bundle includes the Wemo® Switch Smart Plug, F7C027 and the Wemo® Motion, F7C028.

You can essentially control any appliance or electronic device with an ON / OFF switch.  A lamp, a fan, a heater, a stereo, you name it.  If you can plug it in, you can control it with Wemo®.

Here are some fun ways that customers are already using with their Wemo devices:
  • Lighting Control: Connect your Wemo Motion so the room lights up when you enter.
  • Radio: Have your favorite station turn ON when you get in your morning shower.
  • Air Conditioning Units: Turn ON your AC window unit shortly before getting home.
  • Air Purifier: Turn ON your air purifier shortly before you get home. 
  • Electric Coffee Maker: Set your morning beverage to practically make itself.
  • Privileged Control: No need to yell at the kids to turn OFF the TV.  Wemo gives you control even when you're not in the room.
  • Play Practical Jokes: Set up your Wemo Motion without telling the family and watch the fun ensue.
We recommend that you do NOT set your Wemo to control devices that have important information stored on them (i.e. computers or cable boxes).  Valuable information could be lost by abruptly shutting OFF these kinds of devices.

NOTE:  If you use a device that has a digital power switch (such as a television), Wemo will be able to turn OFF the device, but it will have to be turned ON manually after you turn the Wemo back ON.  This is because the default state of digital power switch devices is set to OFF.

Using Multiple Switches

Using multiple switches allows you to control multiple actions throughout your home and automate tasks.

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