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How do I use my Wemo® Switch + Motion, F5Z0340?

Having the Wemo® Switch + Motion, F5Z0340 allows you to create rules that will turn the Wemo Switch ON or OFF when motion is detected.  This is a great way to automate your home!

This bundle includes the Wemo® Switch Smart Plug, F7C027 and the Wemo® Motion, F7C028.


Where do I place the Wemo Motion?

Place the Wemo Motion directly in front of where motion is to be detected.  Once connected, your Wemo Motion will sense movement within a 10 ft. range.

NOTE:  Sensitivity for the Wemo Motion can be adjusted when you are creating or editing a motion rule.

Can I use multiple switches with my Wemo Motion?

Yes.  Wemo is a modular system.  You can add additional switches easily and at any time.  Control as much or as little of your house as you want to.

The Wemo Motion is a two-part device.  Make sure to securely connect the sensor's cord to the jack underneath the wall module.

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