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Conserve Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is Conserve Valet™ Smart USB Charging Station, F7C008?

The Conserve Valet™ Smart USB Charging Station, F7C008, is an all-in-one charger for your mobile devices.  It automatically shuts OFF power including standby power after devices are fully charged. It even detects when new devices are added so you always get a full charge.  The product itself draws zero power when not in use so you can keep your devices ready to go without wasting energy.

2. What is the duration of the charge timer once the button is pressed?

The Conserve Valet™ F7C008 charger will work for four hours once the button is pressed.  If a new device is connected to the USB port during the charge cycle, the timer will automatically restart.

3. Can I use the Conserve Valet™ as a USB hub?

The Conserve Valet™, F7C008 USB outlets cannot be used as USB hubs because they do not transmit data.  The powered USB outlets on this unit are intended solely for charging USB devices.

4. Why does the Conserve Valet™ stay ON even after I disconnected all my devices?

The Conserve Valet™ will detect when all devices have been removed and will power down automatically after approximately two (2) minutes.

5. What devices are compatible/incompatible with the Conserve Valet™?



MP3 players

Playstation®3 Game Controller

Smart phones

Sony PSP

Bluetooth® headsets


Digital cameras


Portable USB devices


Blackberry® Curve




iPod touch®


iPod nano®


SanDisk MP3 Players


Motorola Bluetooth® Headsets


NOTE:  Belkin is continually testing mobile devices to ensure compatibility with the Conserve Valet.  The updated list of compatible/incompatible devices can be found here.

6. What devices will charge slowly with the Conserve Valet™?

The following devices have been identified to work with the Conserve Valet™ but will charge at a slower than normal rate:

  • Apple iPad®
  • Amazon Kindle

7. What should I do if my iPhone® shows an error message on the screen when connected to the Conserve Valet™?

If your iPhone® shows an error message when charging with the Conserve Valet such as "Charging is not supported with this accessory" or "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" using an official Apple cable to connect your iPhone® with the Conserve Valet™ will correct the issue.

8. What does "0-0.5 Watt" displayed on the screen mean?

Your Conserve Insight uses sensitive electronics to measure the amount of power flowing to your connected device.  When the connected device is consuming a very small amount of electricity, it becomes very difficult to distinguish between the power being consumed and the electrical noise found at all power outlets.  To ensure accurate readings, the Conserve Insight stops showing values below 0.5 watts and displays the "0-0.5 Watt" screen.

9. What should I do if my device does not charge when connected to the Conserve Valet™?

  • Check if the devices you connected to the Conserve Valet™ are compatible with it. Check the Conserve Valet™ compatibility list to confirm.

  • Check that your Conserve Valet is securely plugged into a power outlet and that the power cord is securely connected at the back of the Conserve Valet™.

  • Check both ends of the cable and make sure that any device attached to your Conserve Valet™ is securely connected.

  • Ensure that the start button has been depressed and the Conserve Valet™ LED is green.  See the How do I setup and start using the Conserve Valet™? section if you need detailed steps on this.

10. What does the Conserve Valet™ turn OFF before the device is fully charged?

Some devices take a very long time to charge with the Conserve Valet® and will not fully charge if the battery is discharged. Consider the following tips as well:

  • Check the Conserve Valet™ compatibility list to confirm if your device is compatible with it.

  • After verifying that you devices are compatible and the same issue occurs, contact technical support for a replacement Conserve Valet with updated firmware.

NOTE:  If you are finding your device is not fully charged when you wake up in the morning then please read this section.  If you have multiple devices connected then please also read this section.

11. Why is my device sometimes not fully charged even if I left it charging for a several hours?

The Valet is designed to turn itself OFF after a set period of time, or when it detects your mobile device is 100% charged.  After this time your mobile device(s) will be operating from its internal batteries and will start to discharge.  Depending on the efficiency of your mobile device you might see a drain of up to 5% on your battery.  If you find this happens you can also press the "start button" again in the morning for a "top up" charge.  When you disconnect your device(s) the Valet will automatically shut down

12. Why does the LED light go out after connecting my electronic devices?

Check all the cables on the Conserve Valet™ and make sure they are connected securely.  Check that your device is compatible with Conserve Valet™.  Each port on the Conserve Valet is rated to supply 500mA. However, some new devices require more current than 500mA.  Devices with large color screens, such as smart phones, often require more than 500mA.  The Conserve Valet™ has been designed with additional charging capacity to accommodate the majority of these types of devices.  If your connected device still does not begin to charge, it is possible that the Conserve Valet has reached its maximum charging capacity.  Try removing each attached device one by one, pressing the start button after each device is disconnected until the Conserve Valet™ turns on (LED will illuminate green).  It is recommended you only charge two devices with large color screens at the same time.\


1. What is F7C007?

The F7C007, Conserve Smart AV™ Now allows you to turn OFF up to five (5) entertainment system components when you turn OFF your master device (i.e. TV) to efficiently reduce standby power.  It has a master outlet senses when your master device is ON or OFF and controls power to five peripheral outlets for your AV components.

2. Why are my peripherals switching ON and OFF intermittently?

In order to fully calibrate the Conserve Smart AV™, you may need to switch OFF your TV (or other master device) after you have switched it ON for the first time.  The Conserve Smart AV™ uses something called auto-calibration.  In order for this to work properly, your master device must go through an ON and OFF cycle.  The Conserve Smart AV™ will then learn to adapt to your master device's unique patterns of energy consumption.

3. Why is the "Not Grounded" light ON?

The "Not Grounded" light turns ON if you have a ground-wiring problem in your home.  You should contact an electrician to properly ground the outlet.  Connecting a Belkin surge protector to an improperly grounded outlet will void all Belkin warranties.  If your home is properly grounded and the surge protector's "Not Grounded" light is on, contact Belkin for your free replacement.

4. Why is the "Protected" light not ON?

Absence of the "Protected" light indicates the unit's outlets are overloaded.  Press the circuit-breaker button to reset the unit.  If the light is still not ON after resetting the circuit breaker, then the surge protector may be defective.  Replace the surge protector to ensure proper protection.

5. Can I use my desktop computer with the Conserve Smart AV™?

Yes, you can use a desktop computer as the master device.

6. Can I plug anything other than a TV into the Master Outlet?

Yes, you may use your other devices as the master device.  However, it is not recommended to use equipment such as a video recorder or DVD player in the master outlet.

7. Can I use a laptop computer with the Conserve Smart AV™?

Yes, you can plug a laptop computer into the Master Outlet of the Conserve Smart AV™.  However, when the laptop is disconnected from its charging adapter, the Master-Controlled Outlets will turn off.  When using a laptop with a docking station, anytime the laptop is docked and on, the Master-Controlled Outlets will be powered.  If the laptop is shut down, but the battery continues to draw charge, the Conserve Smart AV™ Surge will sense this power flow and leave the Master-Controlled Outlets powered.  When the battery is fully charged and power is no longer being drawn the Master-Controlled Outlets will power off.


1. What time intervals are appropriate for my devices?

Recommended countdown settings for the following devices:

Time Interval


30 minutes

hot-coil items, hair strengtheners, clothes irons, soldering irons, toaster ovens, coffee makers, fans

3 hours

mobile electronics chargers, mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras

6 hours

large cordless devices chargers, handheld vacuum cleaners, cordless drills

2. Why is my device not fully charge when using Conserve socket?

Make sure you have selected an appropriate time period for the device you are trying to charge by referring to the recommended countdown settings.  You may increase the time period according to the type of device you are charging.

3. Why is the unit not turning off even after I press the start button the second time?

The Conserve socket cannot be manually turned off; you should wait for the countdown timer to finish, which will turn off the device.  You can also turn off (reset) your Conserve socket by unplugging it from the wall outlet.


1. What is BG108000?

The BG108000 is an energy-saving surge protector designed to reduce your electricity consumption by turning off the power to electronic devices when they are not in use.

2. Why is the wireless remote not working?

If you experience an issue whereby the wireless remote does not appear to function with your Conserve unit then you must ensure that your remote and Conserve unit are using the same wireless channel.  If you remove the panel from the back of the remote you will see a series of 'dip' switches.  Set the dip switches in another position and ensure that the same position is matched on the Conserve unit where the dip switches are situated on the back of the product.
If this still fails then you can try replacing the batteries in the remote by again removing the battery cover on the back of the remote.  The battery you will need to replace the existing battery with is an A23 (12V) Alkaline battery.  Once replaced, try the remote again to see if the issue has been resolved.

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