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Updating the firmware of the Belkin Network USB Hub, F5L009

The Belkin Network USB Hub, F5L009 is an innovative sharing tool which gives you access to your USB devices remotely.  To know more about the Belkin F5L009, click here

Updating the firmware of your Belkin F5L009 may be required especially if you are encountering issues while using the device.  Since firmware upgrade is a critical process, it is important to do it properly to ensure a smooth flow.


Step 1:
Ensure that the Belkin Network USB Hub Control Center software is properly installed on your computer and launch it.

NOTE:  To know if the software is installed, click Start > Search and type the program name you selected upon setup and press [Enter].  If the software is not installed on your computer, you may need to reinstall it.  For instructions, click

Step 2:
On the Belkin Network USB Hub Control Center, click the option Search for and manage Network USB Hubs on the menu.

Step 3:
On the Network USB Hub Settings window, click the Connected Hubs tab.

Step 4:
On the Connected Hubs page, your Hub should appear on the list.  The list will show the current version of the Belkin Hub's firmware.  If it is lower than the one available from the support site, there is no need to continue.  However, if it is the same version, you may use it to re-flash the current version of the firmware.

NOTE:  The re-flash process means that you will be updating your device’s firmware with a version that is similar to the one that it’s currently using.  A firmware re-flash will help in fixing the script of your device’s current firmware.

Step 5:
If you do want to update the firmware, download the file from the Belkin Support Site, and save it in a location where you can find it easily.

Step 6:
After downloading the firmware, go back to the Connected Hubs page from Step 3 and click Properties.  This will start your web browser and open the Belkin Network Hub's setup page.

NOTE:  There is no default password for the Hub.  If you are asked for a password during this procedure and have not changed the password, just leave the field blank and click Submit.

Step 7:
Select System Information and then click the Update option.

Step 8:
Click Browse, locate the firmware that you downloaded and select it.

Step 9:
Click the Update button and wait for the update to finish.

You have now successfully updated the Firmware of your Belkin Network USB Hub, F5L009.

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