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Belkin USB Hubs Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many Belkin USB Hubs can be cascaded to a single computer USB port?

The USB root hub which is part of the USB controller will count as one, so you can cascade a maximum of four external hubs to a USB port.  Once you go over this limit on a Windows® machine, Windows will display a warning message saying that the maximum number of hubs has been reached.

2.  Do Belkin USB Hubs support Multi-TT?

No.  Belkin USB Hubs do not support Multi-TT.


3.  What is the power supply rating for the Belkin F5U404?

The power supply for the Belkin F5U404 is rated at 5 V, 2.6 A.  This is useful to know if your USB Hub's power supply got broken or lost.

4.  What devices does the Belkin F5L009 support?

The Belkin F5L009 was designed for printers and mass storage devices; however, most USB devices work with the device.  Other devices that are supported by the Belkin F5L009 include iPods®, as well as most standard webcams, keyboards and mice, multifunction machines, scanners and media readers.

NOTE:  High-speed isochronous devices such as high-definition webcams and video docking stations may not be compatible with the Belkin F5L009.

5.  How long is the USB cable included in the Belkin F4U018?
The USB cable's length is 3 feet.

6.  I want to know the specification of my Belkin USB Hub's power supply.  Does it support 120-240 V?

Check the label of your Belkin USB Hub's power adapter to verify its specification and ensure that it supports 120-240 V.

7.  Is it okay to use multiple high power draw devices on a Belkin USB hub?

The Belkin USB hub will split the power provided by the USB port on your computer and share it among all devices connected to the hub.  If you are having difficulty powering up all devices, you need to use a USB hub that uses a power adapter.

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