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How to charge the case and the earbuds of the Belkin AUC003

The Belkin SOUNDFORM Immerse Noise Cancelling Earbuds, AUC003 features a charging case with its own built-in battery.  The battery case can add up to 28 hours of additional listening time to your earbuds.

Charging the case

How to charge the earbuds

Charging the case

The Belkin AUC003 case can be charged in two ways, wired and wireless.
Connect the USB-C® cable to the USB-C port on the back of the Belkin AUC003 case and plug the other end into a USB port on a computer, power bank or USB charger.

The Belkin AUC003 case features Qi™ wireless charging capabilities.  It can be charged on any Qi wireless charger capable of 5W or higher.
NOTE:  The Belkin AUC003 case supports either wired or wireless charging.  It cannot do both at the same time.  The charging case will default to the wired USB-C connection if it is plugged in.

How to charge the earbuds

To charge your Belkin AUC003 earbuds, they must be placed in the charging case.  When placed in the case, your earbuds will begin charging as long as there is a charge left on the case’s internal battery, or the case is being charged.  

NOTE:  The Belkin AUC003 charging case and the earbuds feature a status light that indicates the charging level. The status lights of each device are independent, and each will show its current status.  

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