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Wemo Light Switch, WLS040 Light behaviors

The Wemo® Light Switch, WLS040 light behaviors allow you to identify the state of your device.  Below is the list of light behaviors and the corresponding activity they represent.

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SolidNormal operation.  The ring light turns bright white after being connected to the network and then remains dim white in order to find the switch in the dark.  When you toggle the switch to turn ON the light, the indicator light remains bright white, when you toggle the switch to turn OFF the light, the white light will dim.
BlinkingThe Light Switch is booting up after turning ON the circuit breaker or pressing the RESTART button or firmware is updating.

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SolidLow Wi-Fi connection.
BlinkingNo Wi-Fi connection.  The Light Switch has lost network connection.

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BlinkingThe Light Switch is ready for setup.

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Solid/BlinkingWemo is running a rule or timer.
AquaBlinkingResponding to a third-party action (Apple® Home app, Amazon, Alexa, Google Home™ or IFTTT®).

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Press and hold the light bar underneath the ON/OFF button until the light changes to the desired action.  You may need to remove the faceplate of the bar.
  • Hold and release the bar until the light turns white to reboot.
  • Hold and release the bar until the light turns blue to reset Wi-Fi.
  • Hold and release the bar until the light turns red to restore factory settings.

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