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Removing your Wemo Bridge and Wemo Mini from the Apple Home app

If the Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 is no longer used and it appears in the Apple Home app, you need to remove it from the app.  Also, if you don’t want to manage your Wemo® Mini Smart Plug, F7C063 with the Apple Home app or are no longer using it, you can also remove it from the app.  To know how to remove the Wemo Bridge or the Wemo Mini from the Apple Home app, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:  Launch the Apple Home app.

Step 2:  If your Wemo® device is part of your Favorites, it can be found on the Home tab, otherwise tap the Rooms tab and select the room your Wemo device is in.

Step 3:  Tap and hold down the Wemo Bridge or Wemo Mini tile.

Step 4:  Tap Details.

Step 5:  Scroll to the bottom and tap Remove Bridge from Home or Remove Accessory for the Wemo Mini.

NOTE:   Any associated Wemo devices to the Bridge will be removed from the Apple Home app once the Wemo Bridge is removed.

Step 6:  Tap Remove to confirm.

You have now successfully removed the Wemo device from the Apple Home app.  

NOTE:  If you plan to reinstall the Wemo Bridge, you must reset it and run setup again.  If you plan to reinstall the Wemo Mini, simply open the Wemo App and connect the Wemo Mini to the Apple Home app.  To learn how, click
here.  If your Wemo Mini has a HomeKit™ sticker on the back, write down the code and open the Apple Home app and add it as accessory.

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