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Wiring Diagrams of the Wemo Dimmer

The Wemo® WiFi Smart Dimmer, F7C059 and WDS060 controls different dimming levels of a dimmable light bulb, including switching it ON and OFF.  This article shows the correct wiring diagram for the Wemo Dimmer.

WARNING:  Electrical wirings of the Wemo Dimmer should be done by a professional electrician.  Incorrect installation is dangerous or illegal.  If you are unable to identify which is a load wire and a line wire, or is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with electrical work, please call a professional electrician.


Wiring Diagrams  

Diagram one:  You should see two additional neutral wires connected by a wire nut as well as the line, load and ground wires.  
  • User-added image Yellow – Ground wire
  • User-added image Black – Switch (Line / Load) wire
  • User-added image White – Neutral wire 
User-added image
Diagram two:  You need neutral wires to install a Wemo Dimmer.  Do not try to do it without neutral wires and be careful not to reverse the line and load wires; otherwise, nothing will work.  
  • User-added image Yellow – Ground wire
  • User-added image Black – Line wire
  • User-added image Red – Load wire
  • User-added image White – Neutral wire
User-added image
For instructions on how to set up your Wemo Dimmer, click here.

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