5 out of 5 Customer Rating

BoostCharge TrueFreedom PRO Wireless Charger

BoostCharge TrueFreedom PRO

BoostCharge TrueFreedom PRO Wireless Charger

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Upgrade to True Charging Freedom

Whereas most wireless chargers require precise device placement, TrueFreedom PRO has multiple internal charging coils, so you’ll get a secure and consistent fast charge no matter where you place your phone or earbuds. No need to perfectly align your devices.

Fast Wireless Power x2

Prevent a bottleneck at your charging pad by creating twice the space. TrueFreedom PRO Wireless Charger powers two devices at once with up to 10W each, and is compatible with both Apple* and Samsung, making it perfect for families who use different devices, or anyone who needs to charge their phone and earbuds at the same time.

*Not compatible with iPhone 12 models

Elevate Your Space

Declutter your desk or countertop with a sleek wireless charging pad that complements any room décor. With silver chrome highlights and a leather-like finish, this premium charger is designed to elevate any room.

Case Compatible

This dual charging pad will charge through most lightweight cases, so you never need to remove your phone from its case to charge.

LED Indicates Charging Status

A white light confirms active wireless charging, while an amber light indicates an error with charging, due to foreign object detection, misalignment, or other errors.

  • Full-surface charging
  • Charge 2 devices at once
  • 10W fast wireless charging per device
  • Sleek design and premium materials
  • Case compatible
  • LED light indicator

Please note: Not compatible with iPhone 12 models

Package Includes:

  • BOOST↑CHARGE TrueFreedom PRO Wireless Charger
  • Power Supply Unit

*Not compatible with iPhone 12 models.