Removing and replacing the tanks of your Holmes® Smart Humidifier with Wemo®, F7C046

The Holmes® Smart Humidifier with Wemo®, F7C046 has a float switch that serves as an indicator when the water is low and the tanks need to be filled.  When triggered, the unit will display an orange light to indicate that it is time to refill the tanks.  The Wemo App will also alert you when this happens.  To learn how to remove and replace the tanks of your humidifier, follow the steps below:

Removing the water tanks from the unit

The Holmes Smart Humidifier has two 2-gallon water tanks, one on each side of the unit.  During operation, the device’s right tank will have to be empty first before the left tank starts emptying.

Step 1:  Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet before removing the water tanks.

Step 2:  Open one of the top tank doors, and grab the handle of the tank.

Step 3:  Remove the tank slowly by pulling it upwards and out of the appliance.  Repeat the same steps for the tank on the other side of the unit.

Step 4:  Once the tank is removed, it can be filled through the blue side tank cap.

WARNING:  Do not remove the bottom white plunger assembly.  This is a permanent fixture on the tank.

Step 5:  Once the tank is filled, make sure that the gasket is seated properly and the cap is screwed on all the way, otherwise the tank cap will leak.  Avoid cross-threading by properly seating the cap into the opening before tightening it.

Replacing the water tanks back into the unit
Step 1:  Grab the tank handle and gently slide the tank downwards into the humidifier to properly set it into the unit.  Close the tank door.

IMPORTANT:  If the tank door does not shut all the way, this means that the tank is not correctly seated into the unit.  The tank is designed to only fit one way.

Step 2:  Repeat Step 1 of Replacing the water tanks back into the unit to replace the other tank.

QUICK TIP:   If you have hard water or high mineral content, this will reduce the life of your filter, so it is recommended to use water treatment for the water in the tank.

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