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Introducing the Universal Secure KVM Switch

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Angled view of secure kvm switch


Available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 Port Models

Select and control one
system at a time.

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Top view of secure km switch


Available in 2, 4, and 8 Port Models

View multiple systems concurrently on dedicated monitors while seamlessly switching control via cursor.

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Select and control one system at a time.

Belkin Advanced Secure KVM switches keep sensitive network assets isolated and protected right where they’re most vulnerable, at the desktop. Providing advanced security, user friendly design, and a host of features for easy secure deployment at low cost, Belkin Secure KVMs address the need for true air - gap data path isolation and secure switching, while meeting NIAP PP3.0 security requirements. Information leaks are prevented by using dedicated processors for each computing source path and peripheral, along with optical data diodes which provide unidirectional data paths to transmit keyboard and mouse signals.

Belkin’s innovative Universal KVM models even eliminate compatibility problems between KVMs and the systems and monitors connected, for the easiest deployment and upgrades, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Belkin truly offers Secure KVM solutions for any organization.

Diagram of a secure KVM switch setup

1. Network
2. CPUs
3. Belkin Secure KVM

4. Monitor
5. Keyboard
6. Mouse


Air-gap isolation with situational awareness and cursor-controlled switching.

Belkin Advanced Secure KM Switch makes it possible to control multiple secure systems on dedicated displays simultaneously with a single keyboard and mouse. Using seamless cursor switching, the user can automatically switch from one highly isolated computer system to another as the mouse cursor crosses display borders. Secure KM switches are ideal for monitoring environments, requiring real-time situational awareness, such as command centers, security operation centers, network operation centers, etc. The Belkin Secure KM Switch is designed to support up to eight concurrent systems across 32 displays.

Diagram of a secure KM switch setup

1. Network
2. CPUs
3. Belkin Secure KM

4. Channel 1
5. Channel 2
6. Channel 3
7. Channel 4

8. Audio
9. Keyboard
10. Mouse

Cables for a secure KVM switch


Eliminate clutter at the desktop with accessories compatible with our KVM solutions.

Secure KVM installation and use is made easier with Belkin’s extensive portfolio of compatible cables and accessories. From mounting brackets, to CAC readers and desktop control units – Belkin has you covered.