Belkin International Celebrates International Women's Day And Honors Its Own

Conversations with the Belkin Team From Around the World

LOS ANGELES -- March 8, 2020 -- As demand for new technologies continues to grow, Belkin International proudly recognizes the need for women to be better supported in pursuing careers in STEM. As an organization, Belkin understands that having female mentors and role models for young girls is one way to help build a more equal and empowered world.

In celebration of International Women's Day and Women's History Month in the U.S., a few of these talented Belkin International women from around the world share their thoughts on thriving in the tech industry, challenging the proverbial glass ceiling and how to stay motivated in their roles:

Playa Vista, Calif.

Maggie Curran, vice president sales, ecommerce and business division, "Never give up and never stop trying. Perseverance and persistence are essential. So is failure, but how an individual handles failure, learns from it, and changes their approach and strategies for the future is what truly sets apart great leaders."

Melody Saffery, senior director product development, "I am passionate about technology and it shows in my work. The next big thing in tech is that AI is going to play a much larger role and I'm so excited to be a part of the evolution. As devices are beginning to communicate with each other, the tech each consumer uses makes their experience very seamless, from when you get in your car, at home or on the go."

Christy Hayes, director of global marketing, connected home, "Women are often afraid to speak up for what they are worth. Those days need to be behind us. Learn to negotiate and don't ever sell yourself short. Go hard on the compensation, build a case, be rational (use data and results) and don't be afraid to ask. You won't get what you don't ask for."

Evey Thallmayer, director of sales, business division, "I stand out by working hard, showing examples of ways I have contributed to the company and to my coworkers, and proving to myself that I can do a great job. I think women need to empower each other to go for it! When one woman helps another, amazing things can happen."

Jo Taylor, deputy general counsel, "I want to go into work and spend my days with people I admire, respect and just like being around. The people who accomplish the most in my experience are the ones who are motivated to help the people around them, because other people like working with them. They say that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, and I tend to agree."

Jen Warren, vice president of global communications, "My career advice for women just starting their careers would be to keep an open mind. The path to any end goal is multi-directional and even then, the end goal must have room to change and adapt. There are so many things as humans we have yet to learn, no matter our age or experience. You never know what conversation or experience might spark a new interest or trajectory. Stay curious and enthusiastic. Life is a wonder."

Latin America

Claudia Morales, national account manager, Mexico, "Remember that nobody has control over you unless you allow them to make decisions for you."

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Stephanie Willems, vice president sales, EMEA, "Life in technology is exciting and fast paced, and it's always changing. The culture at Belkin is so unique and the spirit is so entrepreneurial that it makes it an exciting place to work. I've never experienced that anywhere else and that's what makes me stay."

Australia and New Zealand

Stephanie Ogden, managing director, ANZ, "My career has been defined by what I have wanted to make of it. When there have been times that I have felt I had reached my professional potential in particular roles, I have challenged myself to step outside of my comfort zone."

Nic Rindal, customer advocacy and compliance director, ANZ, "My experience in previous industries saw me working in law, automotive, lighting, complementary medicine and fashion. My versatile background has given me experience to adapt to any industry. Tech is by far my favorite. My 15-year career at Belkin specifically has seen inspirational and motivational women move through its ranks. It has allowed diversity and success throughout the organization."



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