Meet ScreenForce UltraGlass 2.

UltraGlass 2: The Strongest Glass Screen Protector Yet

Meet the ScreenForce UltraGlass 2

A screen protector invariably gets dropped or scratched by keys, coins or sand in pockets. In short, it’s the tech accessory that gets no respect. Materials have evolved from plastic to tempered glass to increasingly durable forms of glass, and now Belkin is introducing ScreenForceUltraGlass 2 — a screen protector worthy of respect.

A Screen Protector Like No Other

The new Belkin UltraGlass 2 screen protector is our strongest, most durable screen protector yet. Its double-ion exchange technology alters the chemical composition of the glass to add more stress and compress it. Adding more stress to the glass ultimately makes it stronger and more durable.

The Evolution of Belkin's Glass Screen Protectors

2017: ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra

In 2017, we introduced our InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector, featuring chemically engineered materials using single-ion exchange. This resulted in glass that was 40% stronger than tempered glass, yet was still smooth to the touch. Our InvisiGlass Ultra screen protectors measured 0.29mm thin, preserving touchscreen sensitivity. The material also had anti-fingerprint properties that helped keep the screen clear.

2020: ScreenForce UltraGlass

The next generation of UltraGlass protectors were made of lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) — a special type of glass that contained lithium oxide. LAS is the core component of glass-ceramic products like shock-resistant cookware and glass-top ranges that are manufactured using double-ion exchange to chemically strengthen the glass.

InvisiGlass Ultra

2023: ScreenForce UltraGlass 2

Double-ion exchange was superior to single-ion exchange due to its potential to create deeper and more extensive layers of compressive stress, resulting in improved overall strength and durability. Improving single-ion exchange to double resulted in glass that was 2x stronger than tempered. UltraGlass was tough but every bit as sleek as our other screen protectors: smooth to the touch, resistant to fingerprint smudges, and still ultra-slim at 0.29mm for precision touchscreen sensitivity.

The new material in the UltraGlass 2 screen protector goes through two salt baths where existing ions from the glass are exchanged for larger ones from the salt bath. The resulting glass has a completely new molecular structure. Ions are more tightly compressed, making it more durable and drop proof than any of our previous screen protectors.

Our chemical composition process renders the UltraGlass 2 material 2.7 x stronger than tempered glass. The magic behind Belkin UltraGlass 2 is that no thickness or weight is added.

Screen protectors comparison chart.

*New concentration of molten salt achieves a higher depth of layer and higher compressive stress, which improves strength and toughness of glass.

Why Choose UltraGlass 2

Your smartphone’s screen protector insures your investment and ensures your peace of mind. Users choose UltraGlass 2 screen protectors for:

Why choose UltraGlass 2.

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