Cybersecurity and Secure KVM.

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Designed in California | Belkin story of design and quality.
Innovative Design

Thoughtfully crafted.

Raise your security measures while enhancing operator efficiency with our state-of-the-art Secure KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) and Secure KMs (Keyboard Mouse). Specifically crafted to meet NIAP PP4.0 standards.

Embrace a small form factor without compromising on security. Our Modular Secure KVM/KMs are comparable to the size of the latest smartphone.


Unmatched performance.

Elevate your visual experience without compromising on security with the brilliance of our Secure KVMs, engineered to deliver 4K resolution video at a refresh rate of 60Hz across any channel and up to two monitors.

Unlock the full potential of your SKVM/KM with proprietary cables and purpose-built accessories that guarantee an optimal experience.

Safety and Reliability

Safe by design.

Our trusted portfolio is TAA and NIAP PP4.0 compliant, ensuring the highest standards of security and performance.

Enjoy peace of mind with our standard 3-year warranty and dedicated US-based technical support. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond products; it's a promise of unparalleled service and reliability.