Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protectors for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Frequently Asked Questions

5. What are included in the package?



1. What are the Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protectors for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13?

The Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protectors for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 deliver ultimate durability and resilience – providing your phone with advanced protection from impacts, scratches, and smudges. The new anti-microbial coating reduces bacterial growth by up to 99% without sacrificing touchscreen response or clarity. For additional information, click here.

2. What is the warranty of this product?

This product has a limited lifetime warranty for the Americas and Europe and a 2-year limited warranty for all other regions. For specific information on the warranty for Belkin screen protectors, click here.

3. What is the Pencil Hardness rating of the screen protectors?

The screen protectors have a Pencil Hardness rating of 9H.

NOTE: Belkin uses a standard test method for Film Hardness measurement called the ASTM D3363. This test uses the Pencil Hardness scale with 9B being the softest and 9H being the hardest. Each of these screen protectors has a Pencil Hardness rating of 9H. This means your screen protector can resist damage from materials that have a lower hardness rating than what the screen protector is rated at.

4. Will the screen protectors work with a case?

Yes. The screen protectors will work with most cases.

5. What are included in the package?

The package includes the following:
  • Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protector
  • Easy Align Tray
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dust removal sticker


1. How thick are the tempered glass screen protectors?

The tempered glass screen protectors are 0.33 mm thick.

2. Will the screen protectors affect the clarity of the screen?


3. What is UltraGlass?

UltraGlass is a first-of-its-kind glass that is two times stronger than tempered glass. This double ion-exchange strengthened glass provides top-of-the-line protection against impacts and drops and is engineered for precision to deliver a native screen experience.


1. What are the compatible devices?

Below is the compatibility information for each screen protector:
OVA020zz, SFA008ecTempered GlassiPhone® 12 mini
OVA021zz, SFA009ecTempered GlassiPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro
OVA023zz, SFA011ecTempered GlassiPhone 12 Pro Max
OVA036zz, SFA004ecUltraGlassiPhone 12 mini
OVA037zz, SFA005ecUltraGlassiPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro
OVA039zz, SFA007ecUltraGlassiPhone 12 Pro Max
OVA068zz, SFA065ecTempered GlassiPhone 13 mini
OVA069zz, SFA066ecTempered GlassiPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro
OVA070zz, SFA067ecTempered GlassiPhone 13 Pro Max
OVA077zz, SFA062ecUltraGlassiPhone 13 mini
OVA078zz, SFA063ecUltraGlassiPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro
OVA079zz, SFA064ecUltraGlassiPhone 13 Pro Max


1. Will the screen protectors work in water?

No. These screen protectors are not recommended for use in water.

2. Are the screen protectors removable?

No. The screen protectors are designed to be applied once and can no longer be applied if removed.

3. Can I use the screen protector of an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 for the new iPhone 13?

No. If you use the screen protector of an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 on an iPhone 13, you will not have full-screen coverage.

4. Will the screen protector block the camera or the sensors if I use the screen protector of an iPhone 13 on an iPhone 11 or 12?

Yes. It might cause issues when you use Face ID® or FaceTime®, take selfies or the sensors that can detect when your phone is close to your ear.