How to charge the Belkin SOUNDFORM™ True Wireless Earbuds, AUC001

The case of the Belkin SOUNDFORM™ True Wireless Earbuds, AUC001 contains a battery which allows you to charge, no matter where you are, without worrying about finding a power outlet for your earbuds.

This article will show you how to charge the Belkin AUC001.  Click the links below for specific instructions.

Charging your earbuds
Charging the case

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Charging your earbuds

To charge your earbuds, simply open the case and place each earbud in its designated slot and close the lid.  If the case has battery power remaining, you do not need to plug it in while charging your earbuds.  

NOTE:  Connecting your case to a power outlet while charging the earbuds will not increase the charging speed of the earbuds.
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Charging the case

Step 1:
Connect the micro-USB end of the connector to the back of the charging case, below the lid hinge.

Step 2:
Connect the USB end of the connector to a power adapter or into the USB port of your computer. 

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Step 3:
Wait for all four lights to turn ON indicating that it has been fully charged.  The indicator lights at the front will provide an approximation of how much charge is on the Belkin AUC001.  

The number of lights lit correspond to the following:

  • Four lights – 100% charged
  • Three lights – 75% charged
  • Two lights – 50% charged
  • One light – less than 25% charged
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The case will change from charge mode to a trickle charge maintenance mode once it reaches 100%.  This means it is safe to keep your case plugged in even if it is fully charged.

You can remove the case from power at any time or any charge level.  A lower charge level, however, will reduce the number of times you can recharge your earbuds before the case is out of power.