How to set up Media Server by myTwonky™ to share movies, pictures, and music

Media Server by myTwonky™ lets your Belkin router stream music, movies, and photos to different DLNA® / UPnP® devices on your network.  These devices include certain gaming systems, televisions, Blu-ray™ players, and cell phones.

In order to use Media Server by myTwonky™, you will need to insert a USB storage device with media content into a free USB port at the back of your router.  The Media Server feature of your Belkin router is enabled by default so it automatically shares available content on your USB storage device to other devices on your network.  Depending on the number of files, it may take some time to index the media the first time.  Files will become available as they are indexed.
Follow the steps below to learn how to configure the Media Server by myTwonky™.
Step 1:
Launch a web browser like Google Chrome™.

Step 2:
Enter "" as the router's default IP address in the Address bar, then press [Enter].  You may also enter "http://router" in the Address bar to access the router's web-based setup page.

QUICK TIP:  If the default IP address doesn't work, check your router's IP address.  For instructions, click here.

Step 3:
Click Login at the top right corner of the page.

Step 4:
Enter your router's password in the Password field, then click Submit.
NOTE:  If you haven't set up a password for your router, leave the field blank then click Submit.

Step 5:
Under Media Features, click Media Server.
User-added image

NOTE:  If you’re using the Belkin Dashboard, the home screen will look similar to the image below:
User-added image

Step 6:
Set your desired configuration.

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There are several settings on the configuration page:
  • DLNA Server - Enables or disables the Media Server feature.  Simply select the option you want.
  • Server Name - The name under which other devices will see your content.  By default, it is the wireless network name (SSID) of your router with _MediaServer at the end.  If you wish to rename the server, simply enter whatever name you prefer in this field.
NOTE:  The Server Name used as an example below is Belkin.303_MediaServer.
  • Refresh Index - Rescans your USB storage devices for media content.  Using this, you can add new or remote content and re-index the media immediately.
  • Shared Drives - Shows information about the status of each of your attached drives.  You can see the name of the drive, its capacity, and whether media is being served from it or not.  Shared drives will show up once USB drives are plugged in or connected to the router.

NOTE:  If you’re using the Belkin Dashboard, the home screen will look similar to the image below:
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Step 7:
Click Apply Changes or Save.
You should have successfully set up the Media Server by myTwonky™ and you may now send your media to a display device (e.g., Smart TV).  To learn how, click here.

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