How to set up activity zones in the Apple Home app

Activity zones are a feature of iOS 14 and above that allow you to define where you want your Wemo Doorbell to watch for motion at.  This is especially useful in situations where your doorbell has a large field of view and is detecting motion too often.  Creating an activity zone allows your Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, WDC010 to ignore motion in certain areas and detect it in others. 

Step 1:  Open your Apple Home app and navigate to your doorbell.  Tap on the tile to open the Doorbell window then tap on the gear icon to open the doorbell settings.

Step 2:  Scroll down and tap on Select Activity Zones.

Step 3:  You will be presented with a screenshot of what your doorbell camera can see.

Tap on the image to set down points outlining where you want to focus on.

Step 4:  Connect all the points together to complete a selection of the area you wish to monitor.  The area the Wemo Doorbell will detect activity in will be highlighted.  Any area that is shaded will be ignored for motion.
  • If you are happy with this selection, tap Done to continue. 
  • If you want to start over, tap Cancel to go back and try again. 
  • Tapping on Invert Zone will invert the motion detection area from the current highlighted to the shaded area. 

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