Why is my Wemo app not working after updating to iOS 14?

On September 16th 2020, Apple® released iOS version 14 for the iPhone® and iPad® .  With this release came changes to the functionality of iOS around how apps like the Wemo app interact with it.  If you are using Wemo app 1.25.3 and have updated to iOS 14, you may experience compatibility issues when trying to use the Wemo app.   This article will provide workarounds for you if you have the Wemo app version 1.25.3.

Update location permissions if Wemo app won’t function

In iOS 14, Apple changed how iOS handles location permissions.  You can now choose between Precise and Approximate locations.  This was not available in prior versions of iOS and causes a compatibility issue with iOS 14 and Wemo app version 1.25.3 and lower.  

To get your Wemo app working again, you will need to enable Precise Location.  

Step 1:
Open the Settings App on your iOS device.

Step 2:
Tap on Privacy.  

Step 3:
Scroll down, locate the Wemo app and tap on it.

Step 4:
Tap on the slider to enable Precise Location for the Wemo app.  
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I can no longer set up a Wemo device

There were changes on how the apps communicate to WiFi devices with iOS 14 were made.  This causes a compatibility issue with iOS 14 and Wemo app version 1.25.3 and lower when trying to perform setup on a Wemo® device.  

There are two workarounds available for this:
  1.  Use the built-in HomeKit® app in your iOS device to set up your Wemo with your network.  After it is set up and connected to your network, you can open your Wemo app and add it to your Wemo account.
  2.  Plug in your Wemo device and wait 15 minutes before opening the Wemo app.  This will change the setup mode of the Wemo and allow you to use the Wemo App 1.25.3 or lower to set it up.

I am having difficulty modifying rules

Apple made changes to the user interface of iOS 14 which impact how apps such as the Wemo app display different prompts and menu items.  These changes cause issues with menus used when changing rules on Wemo app versions 1.25.3 or lower.  

Unfortunately, there is no workaround in modifying rules for a device running iOS 14 currently.  We are working with Apple to have an updated Wemo app that addresses the compatibility issue with iOS 14 and Wemo app version 1.25.3 or lower.  

If you have an iOS device running iOS 13.X or an Android™ device, you can still make changes to your Wemo rules and they will be updated on your iOS 14 device.

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