Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 light behaviors

The Wemo® Bridge, F7C074 has a light that indicates certain processes.  This article will help you learn what the light behaviors mean.
Light BehaviorActivity
User-added imageThe light is OFF when your Wemo Bridge is connected and working normally.           
User-added imageThe light blinks white and orange when it’s ready for setup.
User-added image
The light blinks orange when your Wemo Bridge does not have a successful connection.
NOTE:  To know how to reset your Wemo Bridge, click here.
User-added imageSolid white for 30 seconds means setup was successful.
User-added imageThe light blinks white when the device is powering ON and when the firmware is updating.

QUICK TIP:  To know how to set up your Wemo Bridge using the Apple Home app, click here.

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