Meet the Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker with Wemo®, F7C045 cooking controls

The Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker with Wemo®F7C045 features three different cooking controls – HIGH, LOW, and WARM, that you can operate manually (using the temperature button) or remotely (using the Wemo App).

Wemo App


Press the temperature button on the Crock-Pot to change the temperature manually.  
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NOTE:  Timer settings can only be configured using the Wemo App.  If you set the cooking control manually, you will have to open the app to set the Crock-Pot's timer to your preferred setting.  For instructions, click here.  

To know the current temperature, refer to the HIGH, LOW, and WARM indicators.  
HIGHTemperature is set to HIGH
LOWTemperature is set to LOW
WARMTemperature is set to WARM
ALL INDICATORS ARE TURNED OFFTo turn the temperature OFF, press the button until no light is lit
From the OFF state:
  • To set the temperature to HIGH, press the button ONCE
  • To set the temperature to LOW, press the button TWICE
  • To set the temperature to WARM, press the button THREE TIMES 
  • To turn the temperature OFF, press the button until no light is lit
NOTE:  The temperature will automatically shift to WARM setting when cook time is complete using the Wemo App.  Determine the ideal temperature setting for your recipe to avoid overcooking the food.  
To change the temperature using the User-added image App, just tap the temperature button and select the ideal temperature for the recipe you prepared.
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Cooking Controls
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All squiggle lines are not illuminated
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All three squiggle lines are illuminated green
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The 1st and 3rd (last) squiggle lines are illuminated green. The middle squiggle line is OFF
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The 1st and 3rd (last) squiggle lines are OFF. The middle squiggle line is illuminated orange

NOTE:  The cooking control that you set on the Wemo App will automatically sync to that of the actual device including the behavior of the temperature indicator lights.  If you wish to check the status of your meal, the following information will be available:
  • Remaining time
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  • Length of time that the meal has been cooking
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  • Cooking temperature
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  • Time that the meal will be ready
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