wemo works with nest

Want your Wemo devices and your Nest Learning Thermostat to talk to each other? Of course you do.

Your Wemo-controlled lights can turn off and on when Nest knows you’ve left the house and returned. And you can adjust basic Thermostat settings without leaving the Wemo app, thus conserving valuable thumb-tapping time.

Ready to get started? Let’s do this thing.

5 easy steps to better living.


Make sure your Nest and Wemo devices are installed. Go ahead, we’ll wait.
{Tuneless whistling.}


Add Thermostat to your Nest account. Now follow the instructions in the Nest app. Need help? Click here.


Download the latest Wemo app. Yeah, yeah, you’re pretty sure you already have it. Humor us.


Connect Nest to Wemo. This is where it gets exciting. In the Wemo app, tap the “More” button, then select “Connect to Nest.” Follow the last few steps in the Wemo app.


Wemo rules! To take full advantage of Wemo and Nest together, tap the “Rules” button, and choose the Wemo devices you’d like to respond to Nest’s “Home” and “Away” modes.

Need Help?

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