Wireless Chargers


How inductive wireless chargers work
Each wireless charging compatible smartphone has a receiver coil. A transmitter coil in the wireless charger sends out a signal that searches for these receiver coils. This signal is safe and does not extend into the air, so your smartphone will need to be in contact with the wireless charger. When the transmitter coil finds a receiver coil, electromagnetic induction begins. Electrons inside the transmitter coil start to flow, creating a small magnetic field. This field causes electrons inside the receiver coil to flow around the coil, generating power.

What to look for when shopping for a wireless charger
Safety and efficiency are dependent on the design and manufacturing of your wireless charger, that’s why quality engineering and certifications matter.

Qi certified wireless chargers have been designed to work with any Qi enabled device. Check the packaging for compatibility with your smartphone model to ensure the fastest and most efficient charge possible.

Confirming internal safety standards guarantees your wireless charger adheres to legal guidelines of safety. This means your charger’s manufacturing maintained safe levels of emissions and used non-hazardous materials. Each country has their own laws, but key certifications to look for include:

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Safety and wireless charging
All wireless chargers create heat when charging, but thoughtful design can minimize the amount of energy that is wasted through heat. To protect you and your devices, Belkin chargers provide additional safety protocols that shut down if they detect excessive heat.

Intelligent microchips (a.k.a. smartchips) deliver the precise amount of power your smartphone requires, even if the charger is capable of delivering more power. This way your phone is safely and optimally charged, every time.

High-quality wireless chargers alert you when a foreign object is between your phone and the charger’s surface. A lower-quality charger may continue to emit power, leading to damage to your smartphone and charger.

Qi certification provides you with the guarantee your charger works with smartphones and tablets engineered using the Qi standard. This doesn’t include a guarantee of the charger’s quality, lifespan or safety. When shopping wireless chargers, make sure you choose one with a warranty that protects your smartphone and yourself.

Why Belkin wireless chargers
Belkin is the #1 third-party maker of wireless charging accessories.* All Belkin products are designed on-site in California and produced at Belkin’s internal manufacturing facility with quality checks throughout the production process. Extensive testing and quality control coupled with Belkin’s Connected Equipment Warranty provide users with total peace of mind.

*Belkin is the #1 selling third-party wireless charging brand on a weekly basis since Aug 2017. The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Mobile Power, Charger Wireless, Aug 13 2017 to Nov 19 2017.