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iSecurity+ Premium Services Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the iSecurity+ feature on my NetCam for?

The NetCam iSecurity+ is a paid cloud-based service that allows your camera to automatically upload video clips to the web and alert you whenever it detects motion.  The iSecurity+ service has a 30-day free trial.  Once the trial period ends, a monthly subscription fee will apply.

NOTE:  Subscriptions are on a per camera basis.  Click here for the iSecurity+ pricing details.    

2. How do I activate the iSecurity+ feature on my NetCam?

To activate the iSecurity+ feature, click here for instructions.

3. Does the Premium Service remove features that were initially free?
No.  The Premium Service does not remove free features.  If you pay for premium service you will get recorded clip notifications instead of the free still image notifications.  If you do not pay for premium service, motion notifications will still be available.  

4. What NetCam versions work with the iSecurity+ Premium Service?  

All NetCam products support the cloud service.  To use this feature, make sure that the cameras run on the latest firmware version.  Otherwise, users may download the updates from the Apple® App StoreSM or the Google Play™ store.

NOTE:  The NetCam HD and NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Cameras record videos while the NetCam Wi-Fi Camera saves snapshots to the cloud.

5. How do I save video clips on the cloud server?

For step-by-step instructions on how to save video clips on the cloud server, click here.

6. How do I view my saved videos on the cloud?

There are two (2) ways on how you can view the videos on the cloud.  To learn how, click here.

7. Can I download my videos from the cloud?

Yes.  To learn how, click here.
8. How long will the videos stay on the cloud?
After 14 days, videos will automatically get deleted.
9. Can I delete videos on the cloud?
Yes.  To do this, log in to your account and follow the steps here.

10. How do I reduce my NetCam iSecurity+ Bandwidth use?

When using iSecurity+ Premium Services, your NetCam or NetCam HD uses more bandwidth than it usually does.  The bandwidth is used when clips are uploaded to the web.  To completely disable automatic uploading, turn the Save Clips to iSecurity+ option OFF in the iSecurity+ settings section of your camera settings.  

NOTE:  If your Internet subscription has limited monthly bandwidth usage and you would like to decrease your camera's bandwidth usage, try changing the sensitivity of your NetCam's motion detection. To learn how, click here.

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