Belkin Fast Charging

How Fast Charging Works

Amperage x Voltage = Watts

The basic components of charging are amperage, voltage, and watts. Amperage (or current) is the amount of electricity flowing from the battery to your phone or other connected device. Voltage is the speed or strength of the current. Watts are amperage multiplied by voltage. A common comparison used is a watering hose. Amperage (or current) is the hose width, voltage is the water pressure, and watts is how much water is coming from the hose.

Fast Charging Diagram

So, how does Fast
turn up
the speed?

Charging happens in two phases. In the first phase, a higher voltage increases the charging rate. Fast charging chargers leverage this phase to increase power flow. Once the battery has received most of its charge, the charger will decrease voltage to preventing overheating or overcharging, ensuring your smartphone and charger are both safe.


Exact speeds vary by device safety requirements.


How do you charge faster?

Before you embark on a high-speed charging journey, you’ll need the right equipment. Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device will all need to use the same fast charging standard. In some cases, even your cable will need to be compatible with the fast charging standard used in your device and charger.

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Once you have a charger and cable with the fast charging standard compatible with your phone, laptop, or other device, take note of the maximum charging speed for both. For example, if you are using a 27W charger with a smartphone that has a maximum charging speed of 18W, the phone will charge at 18W.

Is fast charging safe?

Because these technologies allow your smartphone to charge faster than standard charging speeds, your phone and charger may become warm while charging. To ensure you’re always charging safely, use high quality chargers and cables that have all relevant certifications. When using fully certified accessories, a fast charge is as safe as standard charging.

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fast charging safety icon
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