Belkin turns 40!

About us.

Today is where the future becomes reality, and that’s why we believe that every “today” should be extraordinary. People-centric design and an obsession with details are at the core of what we do at Belkin. We empower people to get more life out of every single day with our extensive range of products delivering power, protection, connectivity, audio and smart home solutions. From humble beginnings in a 1980s Southern California garage to celebrating 40 years as a market leader and innovator in 2023, our ethos has always been about connection. As a diverse, global technology company, Belkin is still inspired and driven by the connection between people and technology.

Home essentials for achieving your best today.

Whether you're working from home, online learning, or homeschooling the little ones, Belkin offers the best solutions to help you stay connected and productive. Our technology will help you be your best in every moment, every day.

Be global and human.

We are a global company and our diversity is a multiplier. The more perspectives we have, the more cultural experiences we bring to the table, the greater and stronger we are.

Make a difference with details.

We obsess about things that many people never see, because we know that a detail is the difference between an accessory an an enhancement.

Empower people.

Being part of the routines and rhythms of daily lives, celebrating them and elevating them - this is where we thrive.

Design and innovate.

The more insights we bring for daily lives all over the world, the more we understand how people live, the more relevant we will be.

Sustainable actions.

We make hundreds of small decisions every day that impact the planet. Let's make the right ones - no excuses.