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Downloading videos from the iSecurity+ cloud with your Wemo® NetCam Account

The iSecurity+ cloud has no storage limit.  However, after 14 days, video clips will automatically get deleted.  If you wish to keep local copies of your video clips, you can download them from the iSecurity+ cloud by following the steps below.  If you wish to delete them right away, click here.

NOTE:  The steps below cover the following products: 
  • Wemo® NetCam Wi-Fi® Camera with Night Vision, F7D7601 
  • Wemo® NetCam HD Wi-Fi® HD Camera with Night Vision, F7D7602
  • Wemo® NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi® Camera with Glass Lens and Night Vision, F7D7606

Step 1:  Launch a web browser and go to https://netcam.belkin.com.  Log in to your NetCam Account.

User-added image

Step 2:  Go to the clips tab and select the video you want to download from the timeline.

User-added image

Step 3:  Click on the download User-added image button.

User-added image

Step 4:  Save the file to your preferred location.

Once downloaded, you can then view the video clips on your media player.

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