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Troubleshooting tips for Wemo® NetCam showing "NetCam Detected" but is not connected

Below are troubleshooting tips to follow if your Wemo® NetCam shows "NetCam Detected" but is still NOT connected.
The tips below cover the following products:
  • Wemo® NetCam Wi-Fi® Camera with Night Vision, F7D7601
  • Wemo® NetCam HD Wi-Fi® Camera with Night Vision, F7D7602
  • Wemo® NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi® Camera with Glass Lens and Night Vision, F7D7606

Tip 1:  Ensure that the switch at the rear of the Wemo NetCam is set to DOWN position to turn OFF Wi-Fi Setup. 
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If the switch is OFF, the topmost light should also be OFF.

Tip 2:  Reset and reconfigure the Wemo NetCam.

If the Wi-Fi switch has been turned OFF and the issue persists, reset the Wemo NetCam to factory settings to start from scratch with setup. 

To know how to reset the Wemo NetCam, click hereOnce the reset has been done, you can proceed with setting up the device to complete the configuration process. 
For setup instructions, select from the following links:

Setting up the Wemo® NetCam using your Android™ device
Setting up the Wemo® NetCam using your iOS device


Tip 3:  Ensure that the Wemo NetCam App is up-to-date.

An updated App will help you ensure that the latest device features are being utilized.  If you don’t have the latest App, you may download if from the App Store® for iOS devices or Google Play™ for Android™.

NOTE:  It is recommended to enable your App's Auto-update option.  Refer to your mobile device’s documentation to know how to enable this feature.


Tip 4:  Ensure that the Wemo NetCam's firmware is up-to-date.

An updated firmware is necessary if you want to improve the current performance of your device and fix the issues that the previous firmware version may have.  To know how to update the Wemo NetCam's firmware, click here.

Check out the following Quick Help Guides to learn more about camera's features and functionality:

Wemo® NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, F7D7601 - Quick Help Guide
 Wemo® NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, F7D7602 - Quick Help Guide

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