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Troubleshooting Wemo® device issues

This article will provide you with troubleshooting tips if you're unable to connect your Wemo® device to the Wi-Fi or if the setup is not working properly.

IMPORTANT:  Before doing any of the tips below, powercycle both your router and Wemo device as turning your device ON and OFF usually solves the issue.
  • Close all apps that are running in the background then re-open the User-added image App.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Wemo App then repeat the setup process.  For setup instructions, click here.
  • Check your router's security settings.  Wemo supports WPA™, WPA2™ and WEP security types.  If you want to know how to reconnect your Wemo device after replacing or changing the router settings, click here.  Wemo supports WPA and WPA2 passwords of eight to 63 characters comprised of numbers, letters and special characters such as symbols and spaces.

    NOTE:  For instructions on how to set up WPA or WPA2 security on your Belkin wireless router, click here.  ​If you are using an Apple® router, set it to the WPA2 security mode.

  • Make sure your router’s Wi-Fi is set to broadcast or not hidden.  Otherwise, your Wemo device may have difficulties connecting and maintaining a connection to it.
  • Change your router’s Wi-Fi channel to avoid interference with other routers in your area that possibly use the same Wi-Fi channel as yours.  If you are using a Belkin router, click here to know how.
  • Check the router's specifications.  Some routers have a pre-defined number of devices that can connect to the Wi-Fi.  As a result, the number of devices that can connect will be limited.  Refer to your router's documentation / user manual for details.
  • Move your Wemo device closer to your router for setup purposes.  Wemo devices have the same range as most other Wi-Fi devices.  Obstructions like walls, cabinets, and doors may interfere with your Wi-Fi connectivity.  Also, please note that Wemo broadcasts on the 2.4 GHz frequency and is compatible with the 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11b wireless standards.  If you are having issues using a dual-band router, click here.

    NOTE:  If you're using custom router firmware (such as DD_WRT), it is recommended to use the latest version or revert to the latest firmware from the manufacturer.

  • If MAC address Filtering is enabled on your Wi-Fi router, temporarily disable it until the Wemo setup is complete.  For information on how to set up Wemo on a Wi-Fi with MAC address Filtering, click here.
  • Restore your Wemo device to factory default settings.  To know how, click here.

    IMPORTANT:  Resetting your Wemo device to its default factory settings will delete all the data that was saved in it.  All deleted data cannot be retrieved.

  • Restart your mobile device.  Close all apps running in the background.  Turn it completely OFF then ON and try again.
  • You should have at least two bars of Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone for the Wemo to work properly.
  • Some Wemo devices have a status light.  Depending on the behavior of the status light, you can tell what state your Wemo is in.  If you have a Wemo Insight Smart Plug, click here for more information.  If you have a Wemo Switch + Motion, click here for more information.  If you have a Wemo Mini Smart Plug, click here for more information
  • Some Android™ versions have an option enabled called Smart Network Switch or sometimes called Mobile Network Switch and Auto-switch to mobile network.  This option allows your Android device to switch between saved Wi-Fi and data connections on its own.  With this option enabled, your smart device may switch back to your saved Wi-Fi or data connections while you are performing the setup on your Wemo, causing the setup to fail.  Before setting up your Wemo, it is recommended that you disable this feature.  For more information, click here

QUICK TIP:  For maximum compatibility, it is recommended to set your router’s bandwidth settings to Auto.  Click here if you want to change your Belkin router's bandwidth settings.

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