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How to control your Nest Thermostat using your Wemo App

You can now control both your Wemo® devices and your Nest Thermostat using the Wemo App.  With your Wemo App, you can control your Nest Thermostat manually setting Home and Away modes, changing Heating and Cooling modes or adjusting the temperature.

Before we start, there are a few requirements that need to be checked:
1.  Your Nest Thermostat is installed and working with the Nest App.
2.  Your Wemo devices are set up and working.
3.  You are using Wemo App v1.18 or higher.
4.  You have Wemo Remote Access enabled on your smartphone or tablet.
5.  Your Wemo device is set up to work with your Nest Thermostat.

If you are missing one of these requirements, do not proceed with the setup and use the links below if you need assistance:
The Nest Thermostat device tile

After connecting your Nest account with your Wemo, any thermostats that are associated with your Nest account will show in your Wemo devices list along with your other Wemo devices.

User-added image
NOTE:  Custom device icons are not supported for Nest.  

The device tile for your Nest Thermostat can give you basic information about its status:
1.  Device Icon:  This shows the current status of the device.  You can see what heat/cool mode it is in along with the current temperature/target temperature.  The icon will change colors if it is heating or cooling at that point in time.

User-added image
2.  Name:  The name of this thermostat.  This is set in the Nest App and cannot be changed in the Wemo App.

User-added image
3.  Mode:  Can be set to Home (green) or Away (grey) by tapping on the button.

User-added image
The power mode of the thermostat is indicated by the button on the right side of the device tile.  The button will indicate what mode the thermostat is in.
User-added image

1.  Home:  Home mode is used when you are at the same location as the thermostat.  It is indicated by the button being highlighted green.  When in Home mode the thermostat is on and active.
2.  Away:  Away mode is for when you are not at home and do not want the thermostat running.  The thermostat is still ON but is not actively heating nor cooling.  It is indicated by a grey button.
3.  Off:  You can set the thermostat to completely OFF.  When the thermostat is OFF it will show as OFF in the device tile and there will be no power button to control it.

When the thermostat is set to Home mode the Device Icon will show the operation mode that the thermostat is currently in.  In each mode you will see the temperature the thermostat is set to (Large number) and the current temperature (small number).
User-added image
1.  Heating:  The status icon will be orange to show it is heating.
2.  Cooling:  The status icon will be blue to show it is cooling.
3.  Standby:  The status icon will be grey to show it is neither heating nor cooling.

Changing the temperature and operation mode

Opening the Device Tile Drawer for your thermostat will show advanced controls.  From here you can change temperature, operating modes and power modes.

Tap on the green arrow head on the thermostat's device tile to open its device drawer.

User-added image
Once open you will be presented with the options to set the thermostats temperature and change the operations mode.  If your thermostat is set to Away mode you will not be able to adjust the temperature until you tap the power button icon to set it to Home mode.
User-added image

When you enter Home mode you can now set the temperature.
User-added image

You are also able to change the operation mode of the thermostat from the drawer.  There are four available modes for you to choose from:
User-added image

1.  Heat:  The thermostat will run your Heater to reach the desired temperature.
2.  Cool:  The thermostat will run your AC system to reach the desired temperature.
3.  Heat / Cool:  The thermostat will cycle between your Heater and AC system to maintain a temperature range that you set.
4.  Off:  The thermostat is completely off and will not be controlling your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

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