macOS + Thunderbolt Docking Station Issue: External Display & Sleep Mode

May 2021

Belkin has been made aware of potential issues relating to external monitors not coming out of sleep mode while connected to 2019–2020 Intel®-based MacBook Pro® computers using macOS® Big Sur version 11.3 (or earlier) through a Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock* docking station.  The issue requires a full shut down of the MacBook®.  We have not seen this issue arise with the M1-based MacBook and we are investigating the issue with our technology partners to swiftly resolve it.

To reduce instances of the issue, ensure your computer is fully out of sleep mode before docking or undocking.  Please visit for more information.

*Thunderbolt Dock 3 Plus, Pro, Core, Alpine and Titan Ridge versions

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