Setting up the Belkin USB-C™ Express Dock 3.1 HD (USB Type-C™), F4U093

The Belkin USB-C™ Express Dock 3.1 HD (USB Type-C™) is an all-in-one docking solution for your USB-C enabled computer that connects all of your external devices and powers your computer with just one cable.  This article will guide you in setting up your new dock.

NOTE:  Before continuing, please make sure your computer or laptop has the latest updates by visiting your device manufacturer's website.

Step 1:
Attach the applicable AC power cord for your country/region into the included power supply unit.

Step 2:
Plug the power supply into your wall AC outlet.

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Step 3:
Plug the power supply into the Belkin F4U093.  The light indicator on the front will turn orange to signify it is powered on and nothing is connected to the dock.
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Step 4:
Before connecting your computer to the dock, attach all of your preferred devices to the ethernet, audio, USB 3.0, HDMI and rear USB-C ports.  The front USB-C port must be used to connect to your computer.

Step 5:
Once all of your devices are connected to the dock, plug one end of the included USB-C cable to the front USB-C port on the Belkin F4U093.

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Step 6:
Plug the other end of the included USB-C cable into your computer/laptop.
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Step 7:
Turn on your computer/laptop.  The light indicator on the front of the dock will turn green when it detects a connection to your computer.
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