Getting to know the Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protectors for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14

The Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protectors for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 deliver ultimate durability and resilience – providing your phone with advanced protection from impacts, scratches, and smudges.  The new anti-microbial coating reduces bacterial growth by up to 99% without sacrificing touchscreen response or clarity.

Product Features

  • Designed and engineered from high-quality, durable glass to deliver the brightness, sharpness, and detail you expect from your phone screen
  • The extra anti-microbial coating reduces up to 99% of bacterial growth on your screen to prevent discoloration and degradation
  • Super-thin glass preserves touchscreen sensitivity to respond accurately to your touch
  • Includes Easy Align Tray for an easy, bubble-free home application
  • 9H Pencil Hardness offers the highest level of scratch resistance available

NOTE:  Belkin uses a standard test method for Film Hardness measurement called the ASTM D3363.  This test uses the Pencil Hardness scale with 9B being the softest and 9H being the hardest.  Each screen protector has a Pencil Hardness rating of 9H.  This means your screen protector can resist damage from materials that have a lower hardness rating than what the screen protector is rated at.

SKU (Overlay)MaterialImageDevice
OVA020zzTempered Glasssf317701-001_en_v4.pngiPhone® 12 mini
OVA021zzTempered Glasssf317701-002_en_v4.pngiPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro
OVA023zzTempered Glasssf317701-003_en_v4.pngiPhone 12 Pro Max
OVA036zzUltraGlasssf317701-004_en_v4.pngiPhone 12 mini
OVA037zzUltraGlasssf317701-005_en_v4.pngiPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro
OVA039zzUltraGlasssf317701-006_en_v4.pngiPhone 12 Pro Max
OVA068zzTempered Glasssf317701-007_en_v4.pngiPhone 13 mini
OVA069zzTempered Glasssf317701-008_en_v4.pngiPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 14
OVA070zzTempered Glasssf317701-009_en_v4.pngiPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus
OVA077zzUltraGlasssf317701-010_en_v4.pngiPhone 13 mini
OVA078zzUltraGlasssf317701-011_en_v4.pngiPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 14
OVA079zzUltraGlasssf317701-012_en_v4.pngiPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus
OVA101zzTempered Glasssf317701-013_en_v4.pngiPhone 14 Pro
OVA102zzTempered Glasssf317701-014_en_v4.pngiPhone 14 Pro Max
OVA103zzUltraGlasssf317701-015_en_v4.pngiPhone 14 Pro
OVA104zzUltraGlasssf317701-016_en_v4.pngiPhone 14 Pro Max
The screen protectors also come in the following TCP variants:
  • SFA004ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 12 mini)
  • SFA005ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro)
  • SFA007ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 12 Pro Max)
  • SFA008ec – Tempered Glass (iPhone 12 mini)
  • SFA009ec – Tempered Glass (iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro)
  • SFA011ec – Tempered Glass (iPhone 12 Pro Max)
  • SFA062ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 13 mini)
  • SFA063ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 14)
  • SFA064ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 13 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Plus)
  • SFA065ec – Tempered Glass (iPhone 13 mini)
  • SFA066ec – Tempered Glass (iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro)
  • SFA067ec – UltraGlass (iPhone 13 Pro Max)

NOTE:  If you use an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 screen protector on an iPhone 13, you will not have full-screen coverage.  If you use an iPhone 13 screen protector for an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you will possibly block the camera or the sensors.  Doing this might cause issues with Face ID®, FaceTime®, selfies, and sensors that detect your phone to your ear.

  • Limited lifetime warranty (Americas and Europe)
  • 2-year limited warranty (other regions)

Package Inclusions
  • Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protector
  • Easy Align Tray
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dust removal sticker

For more information, click on the link below:

Belkin SCREENFORCE™ Treated Screen Protectors for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 Frequently Asked Questions

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