How to place the Belkin Secure Holder for AirTag

The Belkin Secure Holder for AirTag has an innovative twist-and-lock design and raised edges to keep your AirTag secure and protect it against scratches.  Easily attach it to your keys, car remote, luggage, pet, and more.

This article will walk you through placing the Belkin Secure Holder for AirTag.

Step 1:
Remove the metal key ring (Belkin F8W973) or strap (Belkin F8W974) from the holder.

Step 2:
Twist the holder counterclockwise to unlock and separate it.

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Step 3:
Place the AirTag in the holder and close it.
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Step 4:
Twist the holder clockwise to securely lock the AirTag in.

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Step 5:
Connect the holder to the key ring or reattach the strap to begin using the holder with your items.

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