How do I update the firmware on my Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE

The firmware update process for the Belkin SOUNDFORM™ ELITE Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger, G1S0001 happens automatically and does not require any intervention on your part.  All firmware updates are handled by the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE itself as long as it is connected to the internet.  This article will discuss when firmware updates will happen and what to look for.

During Setup

During the initial setup of the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE, it will check if there is a newer version of the firmware available online.  If there is, it will update and continue setup.  A notification message will show in the Google Home™ app informing you that the firmware is updating.   

After Setup

After the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE has been set up, it will check each day at midnight to see if a new firmware version is available.  If a new version is available, it will attempt to update.
  1.  If the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is currently streaming audio, it will not attempt an update.  It will pause the update process and try again the next day at midnight.
  2.  If the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is currently idle, it will download and install the new firmware version.

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