How to connect a Bluetooth device to the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE

The Belkin SOUNDFORM™ ELITE Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger, G1S0001 allows multiple ways to play audio using the speaker.  You can cast audio to the speaker over Wi-Fi, stream audio with the speaker through your voice command, or connect a Bluetooth® audio device directly to your speaker.  This article will walk you through connecting a device to your speaker using Bluetooth.

Before you begin, you will need the following:
  • One or more Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE devices or any Google Home™-compatible smart speaker
  • A device that can transmit Bluetooth audio such as a smartphone, tablet or computer

How to pair a Bluetooth device using the speaker’s physical controls
Step 1:
Press and hold the Bluetooth button on top of the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE speaker for 3 seconds.  This will enable Bluetooth pairing for the speaker.

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Step 2:
Go to Settings on your phone or tablet and navigate to the section where you can choose the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE's name from the list.

Once connected via Bluetooth, you can now stream audio directly to your speaker using your smartphone or tablet.

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