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Connecting an Android™ smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi

The Android™ platform is the most popular operating system (OS) for smartphones and tablets.  This article will guide you on how to connect your Android smartphone and tablet to the Wi-Fi.

Before you proceed, ensure to have the following:
  • Active internet connection
  • Wi-Fi name and security key or password
To know how to check the wireless settings of your Belkin router, click here.

NOTE:  The images may vary depending on the Android device you use.

Step 1:
From the Home screen, go to the App drawer/tray.

NOTE:  Some smartphones use their own proprietary Android-based user interfaces (UI) and do not use the App drawer.  For these UIs, apps are on the Home screen.

Step 2:
Open Settings.

Step 3:
Select Wi-Fi and toggle the switch to turn it ON.

User-added image

NOTE:  For some Android smartphones, you have to go through Wireless and network before selecting Wi-Fi.

Step 4:
Tap your
Wi-Fi name.

User-added image

Step 5:
Enter your
Wi-Fi password in the Password field.

User-added image
NOTE:  Your password will show dots to hide the characters.  Tap Show password to reveal your password.

Step 6:
Tap Connect.  Then, wait for a few moments to confirm your internet connection.

Your Android smartphone or tablet should now be connected to the Wi-Fi.

If you encounter problems connecting to your network, click on the following links for troubleshooting instructions:


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