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Setting up the Conserve Smart AV

The Belkin Conserve Smart AV, F7C007 is an energy saving power strip that lets you control power to your whole entertainment system with the push of your device's power button.  When the green-colored master outlet detects that the TV is on or off, the five (5) peripheral outlets will be on or off as well.  The steps below will guide you in setting up the Conserve Smart AV.


Step 1: 
Plug a "master" device into the green Master Outlet.  This will most likely be a television or stereo amplifier.  This master device will control the five Master-Controlled Outlets.


Step 2:  
Plug in any devices that do not require constant round-the-clock power into one of the five Master-Controlled Outlets.  Suggested use with the following devices:

  • DVD Player
  • VCR
  • Speakers/Subwoofer
  • Gaming Consoles



Step 3:  
Plug in devices that need 24-hour power into one of the two dark-gray Not-Controlled Outlets.  Suggested use with the following devices:

  • DVR
  • Cable Box
  • Modem or Router


Step 4:
Plug your Conserve Smart AV Auto-Off Surge Protector into any U.S. 3-pin power wall outlet.  Switch power button ON.


Step 5:
Switch ON your master device (device plugged into the green outlet) as you normally would.  With a television you might use your TV remote control or power button located on the television set.


Step 6:
You will notice that your Master-Controlled devices (plugged into the light-gray outlets) will switch ON automatically after your master device is ON.


Step 7:
After you have finished using your master device and turned it OFF using your remote or device power button, your peripheral devices will also turn off within 30 seconds and no longer consume any electricity.


For more detailed instructions, check the Conserve Smart AV User Guide.

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