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Belkin N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, F9K1122 v1 - Firmware

The Belkin N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, F9K1122 is a device that provides solution to poor or no signal because it extends the wireless range of your main router.  It acts as a repeater for the wireless signal and at the same time a wireless bridge for wired devices.

Updating your wireless range extender's firmware fixes the previous version's bugs and improves its functionality.  This action must be done especially if you start experiencing connectivity issues with your devices.  This article will provide you firmware updates for your Belkin N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, F9K1122 v1.

NOTE:  If you need help finding your version number, click here.

Version 1xxx

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT power cycle the range extender during the firmware upgrade process.

Post Date:  08/20/2018
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.33
  • Fix the KRACK security issue. 
Download OS Compatibility:  Any; Size:  2.1 MB

IMPORTANT:  This download is a BIN file type.  For instructions on how to update the firmware of your range extender, click here.
Post Date:  05/19/2015
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.30
  • Fix Wi-Fi password setting issue.
  • Updated Wi-Fi driver for 2015 CE regulation

Post Date:  02/11/2015
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.29
  • Fix the following security vulnerability issues.  
  • Enable adaptivity if region domain is Europe.

Post Date:  08/30/2014
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.28
  • Fix downlink connect issue after set web GUI password.

Post Date:  08/19/2014
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.27
  • Modify wirless driver to improve ping loss issue.

Post Date:  06/25/2014
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.26
  • Fix repeater with Belkin AP ping loss issue.

Post Date:  06/09/2014
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.25
  • Fix repeater with Belkin AP ping loss issue.

Post Date:  10/03/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.24
  • Don't set WPA Multicast cipher as same as AP's in smart repeater mode.

Post Date:  07/31/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.23
  • Fix firmware update shows "Update Available" even if the Belkin Update Server contains older version of F/W.

Post Date:  07/24/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.22
  • Fix string issue of web GUI.

Post Date:  07/16/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.21
  • The cross band feature will be disabled by default if the country region is EMEA.
  • Fix web GUI login timeout issue.

Post Date:  06/05/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.20
  • Fix the device rebooting when the firmware update is done using wrong file format.
  • Fix WPS issue when "start PBC" button is initiated for the second time.

Post Date:  05/10/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.19
  • Fix web GUI login and wireless manual setting issue.

Post Date:  04/30/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.18
  • Encrypt login password.
  • Modify WPS message of web GUI.
  • Do not bind root router BSSID

Post Date:  03/25/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.17
  • Fix static IP is used to configure with Router Security mode as Open(2.4GHz interface).
  • Improve cross band throughput.
  • Fix some of web GUI issue.
  • Fix the issue that WPS can't be cancelled by pressing "Cancel" button.

Post Date:  03/21/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.16
  • Improve cross band throughput.(For test only)

Post Date:  03/20/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.15
  • Fix the issue that Restart Button contains invalid Characters when viewed in french Language.
  • Fix the issue that "Firmware" and "Boot Loader" were seen in English when Chinese language is selected.

Post Date:  03/14/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.14
  • Add firmware built date to status page.
  • Fix the issue that check firmware upgrade won't work.

Post Date:  03/13/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.13
  • Fix the issue that WPS won't start successfully if DUT is slow to get IP Address from ROOT Router.

Post Date:  03/12/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.12
  • Fix:
  • WPS issue.

Post Date:  03/08/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.11
  • Fix:
  • Clients cannot connect with each other.

Post Date:  03/04/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.10
  • Fix:
  • WEB GUI issue.

Post Date:  03/01/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.09
  • Modify MAC address in ethernet interface.

Post Date:  02/27/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.08
  • Fix:
  • WEB GUI issue.
  • The Barker preamble in the ERP IE carry value 1 when Protection Mode is Enable.
  • Modify:
  • The SSID and security profile is exactly the same as the ones from the Router AP.

Post Date:  02/08/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.07
  • Add cross band function.

Post Date:  01/18/2013
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.06
  • fixed some web ui issues

Post Date:  12/11/2012
Release Notes:
Firmware 1.00.02
  • first release

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